Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Rejected 99designs

So there's this site called 99designs where people basically put up a description of what they want commissioned and then people can submit design ideas. The majority of them are logos and boring things but I figured I'd take a run at some of the 'other' and 't-shirt' categories.

I lost both times. To a tracing and a ripoff/unlicensed idea. :/ Each one could have been $100 for me but oh well. I figure people are using the site in the first place because they don't know how to design so yeah. Here are the two losing things.

The first person just wanted a maid-fetish drawing for a bookcover. So I doodled this one from scratch in photoshop:

The other one just said to make "a t-shirt design celebrating 420 and pot culture". So I figured can't go wrong with a chick in a bikini right? Wrong. Lost to a Pac Man eating a pot leaf with the word "Pot Man" underneath. Pac Man isn't even in the public domain................. But yeah here's a few versions:

It seemed like a great idea and quick way to make some money but after losing twice I'm kind of turned off from the format of the site. So many people vying for a hundred or so dollars. Meh. Maybe I'll do some private commissions again if I want some cash.


  1. Those designs look so cool!! I can't believe you lost!! Hey I followed your blog, hope that's ok. If you want check out my blog too! I could really use some followers and feedback.

    Thanks so much!

  2. You draw like a god!

  3. um yeah, so I don't know where to start, so I'm gonna have to do a bullet list:

    1. found you on lookbook and fell in love with your style- you and i have similar tastes (thrifted/f21, etc) and i think we could be great shopping buddies in real life;
    2. your drawings blow me away! i love finding artistic people and your superhero pics are my fave. you've just inspired me to dress up as Psylocke next halloween as she's always been one of my faves :)
    3. HAIR!!! the colors are gorgeous!!! did you have to bleach the heck out of it or what? tried doing mine purple once (well blue, to mix with the red, thought i'd make purple) but ended up with brown somehow. anyways, yours is amazing! i guess that's it for now. so i'm following you here, lookbook and chictopia. if you had a twitter i'd follow you there too. but i swear i'm not a stalker, lol.

    did i write enough for ya? :D

    Beneath the Glass

  4. Gorgeous doodles (what you do is beyond doodling though! :-D) I especially like the maid! I like the pot girl with the jeans on the most! I might've given her a hippy skirt or something but it looks great! I love to draw too! And seriously... pot man? Lamest play of words EVER. Plus it's not really a demanding doodle, artwise, no? Drawing pac man? HAVE PEOPLE NO RESPECT FOR THE ARTS?!

  5. The first one is quite fetching, indeed. With both of them, you should have easily had $200 in your pocketbook by now!