Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rejected photos

Man I'm really bad at choosing photos. The camera I use is a Canon Powershot SD600.... 6 megapixels.... without a tripod or remote clicker. So I kind of am limited in where I can take pictures. (ie I need something of a reasonable height to stand my camera on and self time it) The pictures that show off my outfits best are often the ones where I make derpy faces or am standing in a really unflattering way. Here's some of the rejects:

Chictopia link: [Hello Seattle]

Chictopia link: [Maple Gunman]

Chictopia link: [Terminator]
I'm actually Jem.

0 - 0

Chictopia link: [Pumped Up Kicks]
 You lookin at me, punk?
 Makin a face:

Chictopia link: [Firecracker]
The wind kept making my earrings take flight or push my hair into my eyes...

Hurrr I should upgrade my equipment. Oh well. Molly is kneading my calf so I cant get up.....


  1. My camera sucks too. I'm eyeing a few Nikon D-SLR's though. I gots to get money though! I love the floral dress jacket thing in the last picture! So pretty. Check me out if you get a chance! See you on Chictopia! <3

  2. As I said on lookbook, I love your style !!!

  3. Love your blazer! so 80's very cool. x