Sunday, November 6, 2011


Hurrr I put lots of Coolio braids in my hair last night.

Butyeah on to my wishlist. My favorites folder on Chrome is getting bogged down by window shopping. So I figured I'd post some here and clear the favorites out. I keep hoping I'll win one of those $80 Romwe gift certificates everyone seems to be giving out D8

Etc. I could go on but those were some main things haha


  1. That galaxy dress would look so gorgeous on you! I love those winter leggings too. I've been thinking about getting printed leggings, but I'm not sure. They are super cute though!

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  3. I'm really digging all the things you posted, especially the galaxy leggings, galaxy mini dress (would look awesome on you!), the union jack jumper and the leopard print bootsies! Okay and the galaxy print boots, I love boots and galaxies!<3 and you look so classy with those braids. :-D no actually you could pull it off as a hairstyle!

  4. I love the pattern leggings!!