Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Intro + Doodle Dump

Uhm so yeah. My LJ is mostly for gothic lolita stuff. And my Chictopia is just outfits. I haven't been on my deviantart in over a year and it has way too much old embarrassing arts. I've mostly been into American Comic style art recently. I haven't like sat down and done a finished piece in forever but here are some doodles. I'm way too lazy to scan all these and some are on notebook paper so yeah here's pictures of pictures! All the super ladies are done from my head. The only one here I used reference on is the Audrey Hepburn.


 Audrey Hepburn:
 Emma Frost:
Random kids in my class:
 Halloween ideas. X-23 vs Psylocke:
 Catwoman and an original character
It'd be cool if there was a superheroine who hit people with her braid hurr hurr.
 Me being a tired weirdo. Also some cat face:
 Supermaaaaahn. I just started watching the Superman Animated Series.
 My kitty helped take this Supergirl picture. She's supposed to be lifting something but I got bored:

 My kitty Molly! She is about a year and a half but 6 pounds and fits on a piece of paper:

Also, I went hiking last weekend with some Redditors from my college. Every part of the trail was so pretty!

I didn't realize I had snacks in both hands. They snapped a pic just as they told me I was double-fisting the doritos:

Yeah that's probably enough picspam for today.


  1. I love the Audrey Hepburn sketch! She's definitely a classic beauty!

  2. You're welcome. :)

    Until you mentioned them, I would have never noticed her eyebrows. :)

  3. my fav is the first <3<3<3 great drawings girl!

  4. Before I mention that you have great looks, great talent and wonderful style, I wanted to to mention that your camera, SD600, has a Canon Hack Devlopment Kit (CHDK) see that makes it pretty easy to add remote triggers, timed shots, lots of other stuff that might interest you. The newer models don't have hacks out there. I would offer to help make a remote trigger but I bet you can get all the help you want. So besides your great looks, great talent wonderful style, and cool hackable camera, your smile on the two-fisted photo is breathtaking.