Monday, November 26, 2012

Have hair questions? Created a FAQ section on my tumblr

I've been getting a lot of questions over on my tumblr about hair dying/bleaching/cutting/etc. I thought it would be useful to go back through my archives and tag them all!

Below are some of the 'highlights' if you will. All the hair related questions I've received this past year and my answers can be found HERE.

creamtangerines asked: how much does it cost a year to maintain your hair?

Hmm let me see… Earlier this year I bought a big tub of bleach and bottle of developer for under $10 that usually lasts me several months. I needed more developer, but that’s $2 or so with a coupon. I have a bunch of backstocked hairdye since I don’t use all the colors every time I dye, but I would say I’ve used… 2 jars of manic panic, 3 tubes of Ion, and various bits of old Special Effects this year. So about $20 for the dye? I cut the dyes with conditioner so that extends their lives. If you include conditioner, that’d add about $20? I would say $50 so far this year :3 It doesn’t cost very much since I’m only really redying the roots at this point~

goodbysweethat asked: Hi! sooo I absolutely LOVE your hair and I was wondering if you experienced any thinning of your hair since you bleached it because I want to dye my hair soooo bad but I'm scared it might fall off. I have thick hair btw and I have never bleached or dyed it before.

Hmmm well my hair has not noticeably thinned since i started dying it. I also have pretty thick hair though! As long as you are careful and give your hair time to rest between colorings/bleachings, it shouldnt ever fall out. At the most, some breakage can occur, but if you trim regularly it shouldnt be too bad :3 i would advise getting separate bleach powder and developer from a beauty store rather than a box kit. Good luck!

gemstonesdiary asked: How often do you dye your hair?

Usually every 3-4 weeks :D

Anonymous asked: what your natural hair color

Light red-brown with blonde streaks. I think there is a picture on my tumblr’s “myhair” tag

Have any questions for me regarding hair (or anything else) ? Feel free to leave a comment here or send me a Tumblr Ask.