Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hair Timeline!

Put together a hair timeline! Proof that you can dye your hair unnatural colors while still growing it out!

A lot of the early hair experimentations were lost on old cellphones or poor quality. So just chose a few of them.

Had a short pixie cut with varying bang length for about 2-3 years in my natural redbrownblonde color. It was below shoulder length for about 5 years before that. Dyed black and white for the first time Fall 2009. Had white hair all Summer of 2010 though only found a few pictures.

Made the conscious decision to let it grow out from the pixie/short cut Fall 2010. Would consider it long hair by the end of Summer 2011 :D Chopped a good amount off after the really yellow dyejob :3 It grew back quickly and now it’s about 2 inches above “waist length” hair :O

To be continued!