Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Black Milk craziness! Featured on their FB page!

So I've been procrastinating about taking pictures for lookbook, especially of my Rainbow Galaxy Blackmilk Leggings! I took a few pictures to put on lookbook/tumblr and then posted a photo of me wearing them to their Facebook Page. They then reposted a different picture of me on their page~

Here's my lookbook look~

There was a superfancy Cadillac in the parking lot so we asked the owner's roommate if he would mind if we took photos with it.
There are tons more pics on my tumblr:

Here's one that's not, though:


  1. Awesome outfit!

    Your hair and shirt go perfectly with the leggings!

  2. Congratulations on the Black Milk feature on facebook!! Love your hair with your leggings-- vibrant and psychadelic! :)

  3. all the colors are GORGEOUS together. Congrats on having them repost your pics on Facebook.


  4. stunning!love it!