Monday, January 23, 2012

Black Milk Mail.

Rainbow Galaxy leggings from Black Milk came today! They're much brighter in person; this is a quick cell phone snap. They are seriously the most comfortable leggings I own 8D Much more stretchy than I thought! I would get a green pair but they are sold out D8 Definitely wanting the bone leggings next though!

I got size M and they fit perfectly. Probably could have squeezed into an S for a skintight look since they're stretchy but I'm glad the M is comfy enough for lounging around in XD Ergo get a slightly bigger size in an excuse to wear them all the time! (My waist is 25", hips 36-37" for reference)

What do you want from Black Milk? :D

1 comment:

  1. what do i want from black milk?

    apparently, everything. not really, but i only heard of black milk yesterday when i saw the cathedral skirt and now i'm loving those galaxy and skelton leggings.